Holy Trinity @ Playlist live 2014

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Grace’s dad sounds like a great man

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I wonder how many people in this fandom are going to have children named Mamrie, Hannah or Grace? 

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Pretty much.

Pretty much.

Rule 1: Always post the rules

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1. Name and age?

Bethany, 17

2. Favorite color?


3. Favorite quote?

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life"

4. Piece of advice you live by?

Travel is the only thing that makes you richer

5. Favorite food?


6. Do you have any pets, if so what kind and how many?

One, a dog!

7. Favorite season?


8. Type of music you most enjoy?


9. Coca Cola or Pepsi?


10. City you want to travel when your older?


11. How was your day? Hope it was full of smiles :)

It was quite fun:D

My questions:

1) Name and age?

2) Where do you live?

3) Is there somewhere else in the world that you would rather be?

4) If you had to choose two youtubers to be your parents who would it be?

5) What is your fave food?

6) Fave restaurant?

7) Anything you really want for your birthday/christmas this year?

8) If you could have been born in a different year, what year?

9) Fave quote?

10) First youtuber?

11) Do you have a youtube channel?

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Grace gives life advice. (x)

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Its true when they say that this shit is comfy

Its true when they say that this shit is comfy

Petition for mamrie to do a video everyday for the month of May and calls it MAYmrie
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Orange Peanuts x x

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Imagine being able to buy a care package where you spend 24 hours in Vegas with Mamrie and Grace?!

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These people have gotten me through so much in life, and they have helped me in more ways then you can imagine. They are here to support us, and we are here to support them - we genuinely all care for eachother. And, You really cannot experience this feeling of love until your part of a fandom, until youve experienced what its like to fall so in love with these people that share their life with you.. until your part of this one big family that we call YouTube.

The ctfxc gif is breaking my heart

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Congratulations on 500k Mamrie 


Congratulations on 500k Mamrie 

I forget how professional Grace, Mamrie and Hannah actually are

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