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Bethany/Beth/Bef Bef (my friends actually call me Bef Bef, you'd think that was a joke.. it isn't) - 18 and living in Wales. I spend the majority of my time on the internet but I think that anyone who has an active Tumblr does? Anyway, this is basically somewhere I can post YouTube related things, mainly the Holy Trinity because they're amazing, right? I got to see the #NoFilter show and was sat in seats E10&11 on the 6th May, also got to meet the three of them!!1!!!

Grace did you win on the lottery card? We need answers!


The music at the end of the new mametown video though “ass everywhere, ass everywhere” I like it, it speaks to me.


Grace is my fashion icon.

The dramatic fries pose doe

5o’clock somewhere #beach

5o’clock somewhere #beach

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Mamrie Hart